Our Principles

Member-Centric and Collaborative

As a collective, the voices of our members drive our actions. Their input is integral at every stage.

We also actively seek collaboration with our network of partners and the broader autistic and similarly neurodivergent communities wherever possible.

Accessible Co-Production

Co-production is the cornerstone of our work: initiatives that genuinely meet the aspirations of our members and create opportunities for individual growth through a variety of mentorship, training and work experiences.

We maintain a flexibility to our approach, adapting to the dynamic needs of our members, assessing and responding to the impact of our initiatives. We are in no rush and members will always have adequate time and support to contribute to the direction we move in.

Transparency and Collective Learning

We ensure clarity in our decision-making processes, making sure that members understand the reasons behind our actions and priorities.

As we progress, we share our findings openly, believing that discussing our triumphs, failures and learning curves will foster collective growth.

Moving towards a Theory of Change

As part of our ongoing commitment to evolve and deepen our impact, we are exploring the adoption of the Theory of Change framework and how that would work for a collective.

As we grow, we’ll strive to determine clear, measurable indicators for each project and outcome, allowing us to track our journey’s progress.