Our Core Values

Inclusive of All Autistic Identities

You do not need a formal diagnosis to belong, self-diagnosis is accepted. Personal choices over identity terms are respected, whether that’s “I am autistic”, “I have autism”, “I’m ASD” or “I’m neuroqueer”.

Embracing Neurodivergence

We view neurodivergence as a difference, not a deficit.

While we do embrace our members’ different co-occurring neurodivergences, this is an autistic based space and we do not shy away from using the term autistic where it is correct to do so.

Participation and Individual Agency

We firmly uphold the “Nothing About Us Without Us” principle, ensuring that the voices of our members are central in matters that concern them. We also understand that we have not walked in anyone’s shoes but our own, and we do not invalidate people’s lived experiences.

We recognise that others’ understanding of participation may not look like our own. It is enough to just be here: we do not compare contributions or value one type of contribution over another.

We are mindful of individual sensitivities and unshared trauma and respect people’s boundaries. Conversations involving subjects around identity, experience or other sensitive topics are always consensual, meaning people opt IN to them as opposed to the default being opting OUT. No always means no.

Social Model of Disability

We believe in and support the social model of disability, understanding that societal barriers often contribute to perceived disabilities. We understand that a diagnosis doesn’t accurately reflect anyone, we are all different.

We recognise that many disabilities are hidden, and often disabilities can vary in impact from day to day and in different situations.

Inclusive of All Gender Identities

We are accepting of all gender identities and are proud LGBTQIA+ allies. We do not support gender-critical feminism, trans-exclusionary radical feminism or similar theories.

Anti-Racist Stance

We are staunchly anti-racist and make concerted efforts to understand the cultural nuances and intersections between neurodivergence/autism and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

We recognise that language is fluid and any personal choices over identity terms are respected. We will update our group use of language to reflect our members’ preferences, particularly if a member says that the words we use cause them harm. We recognise the potential for intrinsic bias, especially with regard to race and ethnicity, as we strive for fairness in all we do.

Secular Approach

We operate on a secular basis, but we promote religious tolerance and respect individual beliefs.