Pillars of Co-Production

Everyone’s voice matters. We work hard to facilitate participation for all of our members, supporting different communication styles, and respecting lived experience.

We aim to ensure that all of our projects have fair representation across backgrounds, skills, experiences and abilities.

All stages of the co-production process, from idea generation through build and to implementation, are communicated transparently, with clear rationales provided for any decisions made.

Our philosophy is that our projects are free to take part in but professionals and leaders always work for (fair) pay, and support our volunteers’ development.

Every contributor’s input is valued equally. Feedback is given constructively, and different perspectives are embraced.

We listen and we’re always open to learning where we’re getting it wrong.

All of our members are encouraged to critique and feedback on our work. We maintain a number of different accessible channels for feedback and reflection.

All members are also encouraged to share their thoughts on the co-production process itself, ensuring continuous refinement and improvement.

Our Approach

Before we decide to undertake a project, we define the need – what it is and who* will benefit – and look at it in the wider local landscape, are we the best people to do this?

We don’t need to be all things. We identify and prioritise projects that offer our collective’s members something unique and different, opportunities that bring growth and experience that they could not easily get elsewhere.

*e.g. pan-South London, individual local council, another institution/organisation, our collective, a subset of our members, an individual person…

We analyse existing opportunities, confirm whether they’re appropriate for our members and if so, we signpost.

Next we reach out to our network of partners to see if someone can help us make this happen.

If we believe we’re best placed to do so, we scope and define the project, cost out and prioritise, then we look to secure funding and implement.

Working Together

We have a tiered peer-support system:

• I am attending as a participant
• I would like to gain experience and lead in the future
• I am leading / I have experience to share

You can participate in one project and lead in another. These principles enable all of us to learn and develop creatively and in managing people, projects and budgets.

All of our members will be supported to take on whichever role they choose.

We use various online tools and platforms and try to communicate in a variety of ways, ensuring accessibility and ease-of-use for all members.

We actively look to learn from other similar organisations and share our skills and best practice too.