Through March: Neurodivergent and Queer-led Zine Making Workshops

Part of This is Croydon, we are hosting free zine-making workshops for autistic and similarly neurodivergent young adults in Croydon.

Making Zines – info

Come and join us in a small, peer-led neurodivergent group to make zines and meet like-minded locals. Whether you want to explore autistic identity and intersectionality or simply chill out and make a zine about your favourite things, we’ve got you. Booking required. All materials are supplied1.

Our workshops are relaxed sessions, 2.5 hours long, you can leave and rejoin when you choose. Here’s our FAQs sheet.

Dates & Locations

At OurSpace (50 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1YB)

Saturday 9th March – 2pm
Book here

Sunday 17th March – 2pm
Book here

Saturday 30th March – 3pm
Book here

On GoogleMeet (links sent after registration)

Sunday 10th March – 2pm
Book here

Saturday 16th March – 2pm (text only)
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Thursday 21st March – 6.30pm
Book here

Tuesday 26th March – 2pm (text only)
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MORE About the sessions

Open to people aged 16+ who are autistic or similarly neurodivergent (ADHD, AuDHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, etc), no diagnosis needed.

You do not need any experience in zine-making, art or writing. You’re welcome to come to the workshop, just observe and listen, and use your resource pack at another time if that’s how you prefer to participate.

We will be encouraging zine-making across visual arts (drawing, collage) and writing (fact and fiction, long-form and poetry) and both analogue and digital methods.

All materials, resources and snacks are supplied (but you can bring your own allergen-free snacks too2).

There will be a zine library and chill out area. You are free to move about the space as you need to.

All participants will be posted a pack of materials and resources (sample zines, paper, collage elements, etc).

16th and 26th March are non-speaking, text-only sessions for those who prefer to communicate digitally.

Self-led Packs

If you cannot make any of our workshop sessions, or prefer not to work in a group setting, you can also order a free self-guided zine-making pack.

Click here to order!

  1. Please note scissors are not included in our postal packs for online workshops or self-guided zine making. ↩︎
  2. Absolutely no nuts or seeds, please. ↩︎