Making Zines

A zine “zeen“ (short for magazine or fanzine) is a small, very informal, self-published creative work of text and/or images, usually produced by a single person or a very small group. They are often handcrafted with a lo-fi aesthetic, photocopied on A4 paper and hand-folded for cheap circulation.

One of the most popular zine formats is the ‘hot dog’ – formed by folding an A4 page.
Here’s a video showing how it’s done…

Thank you to Leo Ioviero for filming this for us!

Self Guided Pack

We have created a self-guided resource pack that you can order to make zines at home (including a hard copy of our hot dog zine about hot dog zines below!).

Click here to order!

PDF Downloads

If you’d like a Procreate template to start you off, download one here…

As part of our series of zine workshops, we made a Hot Dog zine about making hot dog zines – you can download a PDF here…

Thanks to Skye Baker and Beatrix Finch for making this zine.

Check out our Padlet!

Some of our Youth Hub members’ zines

All about Crochet by Lucifer
A Thesis on Why Sharks are the Best Fish by Alex “Tako” M
Untitled by Poppy

Other Online Zine Resources

There are many online zine libraries with PDFs that you can refer to, here’s a selection: