An Autistic-led Youth Collective

It’s accepting even when you’re still working it out. There is space to make mistakes and shape where it’s going.


Lots of our members are self-diagnosed, many choosing to stay that way, others are still working out their neurodivergence and what that means for them. Some of us were diagnosed as kids, others as teenagers or adults.

We’re a welcoming chilled group where you can be your true, authentic and unmasked self. If you’re not sure who that is or how to do that yet, this is where you can explore that safely too.

Online, in Croydon, across SW London

We’re natively online. Somewhere to go and check in when you’re too tired or overwhelmed for IRL. We aim to be accessible and inclusive of sensory sensitivities, processing delays and those who prefer to communicate digitally. A bunch of us are spoonies.

We’re physically based in Croydon and our in-person events mostly happen here, Sutton and Merton. Our long term goal is to cover South West London and we welcome members from anywhere.

Created for us, by us

We have a steering team that any of our members are welcome to join. We do not specify minimum levels of skill, experience or participation. If you are not in the steering team, you can still suggest projects, give feedback and suggestions on all aspects of what we do.

Difference not deficit

Many young adults like us thrive better in autistic-led, autistic-majority environments without the access and inclusion barriers that we face in a neurotypical-majority world.

Rather than campaigning for a seat at the table, we’re building our own: self-directed, based in our lived experience, and respecting individual autonomy. We actively explore and celebrate autistic culture and ways of being that are beyond deficit and diagnosis.

“It’s kind and fun and friendly. I like the community. It’s an opportunity to grow and develop and help others too.